Judging Criteria

Women Entrepreneur Awards celebrates women in business with outstanding achievements and potential. Participants are judged by the Award Judging Panel based on the criteria of:

  1. What ignited the spark for you to start the business/ businesses?
    What were some challenges that you faced during your entrepreneurial journey and how did you overcome these difficulties?
  2. What were some of the biggest breakthroughs and achievements which you had faced as an entrepreneur?
  1. What was the company’s revenue and profit growth in the last 2 financial years ?
  2. How is the company projected to perform in the next 2 years?
    What are the factors/reasons that will contribute to this performance?
  1. What is the vision and mission of the company? What are some key corporate goals set?
  2. What have you done to lead the company to achieve the vision and mission?
    Eg. talent building and retention, operational excellence, resource utilisation, intellectual property multiplication, branding, customer service, innovation, R&D or technology are non-mutually exclusive examples of business activities you could highlight.
  1. How are you as a leader inspiring change in the company ? How are you encouraging an Innovative culture ?
  2. Please name at least one innovative project in your company that has resulted in growth/ improvement to processes? Kindly explain the measurable outcomes
  1. Please explain how your products and services are positioned in the market(s) that your company is serving? If there is a Blue Ocean strategy, please explain.
  2. Whatre the straegis and plans to expand the market share of the company? If any, pleas describe your taget audience/ markets of intede or new markets expansion or new product inovations or technolgies adopted to suport your staegis
  1. What are the current capabilities that will allow you to scale your business model?
  2. Please identify and cite opportunities of the current business model to scale up your current sales and customer base.
  1. What isome ky social responsiblty or comunitynitaives you have stared and are carying out in the company ? Pleas discrbe if any.
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With the EO Womanpreneurs award program, we channel our resources and convening power to help women entrepreneurs achieve the full potential they envision for their companies.

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